Aquaforest Iron Boost 125ml


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Nestemäinen rautalisä 125ml.

AF Iron Boost – Professional easily absorbable iron supplement for aquarium plants containing the most absorbable form in the form of chelate. 

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The efficiency of photosynthesis depends on the presence of iron. Iron absorption depends on the content of macro and microelements, pH and the form of iron itself. A common problem in aquariums is iron deficiency, because its form is not absorbed by plants. Iron deficiency leads to the disappearance of chlorophyll and, consequently, the development of chlorosis manifested by yellowing and necrosis of the leaves. The optimal concentration of iron in aquarium water should be 0.1-1 mg / l. AF Iron Boost contains a concentrated dose of easily absorbable Fe2 iron chelate for aquarium plants. AF Iron Boost is a fertilizer for aquatic plants.

Additionally, the use of the preparation promotes the multiplication of nitrifying bacteria.
Systematic dosing of AF Iron Boost will allow you to fully meet the requirements of plants, and thus obtain healthy and attractive leaf colors.

Dosage: 1 ml AF Iron Boost per 100 l of water once a week. 1 ml of AF Iron Boost dissolved in 100 l of water increases the iron level by 0.04 mg / l. Supplementation should be maintained until satisfactory results are obtained.


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