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The Bell cup is al product that can be used as a shelter for shrimps, crayfish and small fish. The cup contains many good substances such as tannins & trace elements, which makes the Bell cup suitable for black water aquariums.

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The Bell cup is a natural product that can be used as a shelter for shrimps, craufish and small fish. The outside of the Bell cup can also be made even more natural by tying an aquarium plant or moss to it.

The Bell cups releases good substances (tannins, trace elements) into the water of the aquarium. The effects of these substances can be compared with the substances from catappa products. These substances ensure that the pH is lowered in a natural way. In addition, these substances have an antibacterial and stress-reducing effect. The Bell cups give the water a brown color and are therefore also suitable for creating a blackwater biotope.

Shrimp and other small animals like to shelter and graze on the Bell cups. Because the Bell cup is a natural product, it can differ in shape, coloring and dimensions.

Size: 5-7 centimeters.


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