Catappa Leaves 10kpl


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A-luokan Catappa lehtiä 10 kpl. Antibakteeriset ominaisuudet.

Osa rapujen monipuolista ruokavaliota.

Koko 18-28cm

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Cattapa leaves ensure a lowering of the pH values, have an antibacterial effect, give the aquarium a natural atmosphere, strengthens the colours of fish and shrimps, relieve stress and prevent diseases in the aquarium.

Shrimps and crustacians find the leaves very tasty and the leaves therefore are a very good supplement feed. Many of the small shrimps and crustacians collect themselves on the leaves from whence to eat. This will guarantee that even the smallest shrimp always get someting to eat too.

Cattapa leaves release an antibacterial substance for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Our Cattapa leaves haven been washed and dried for 2 times. 100% safe in the aquarium.


Yksi lehti 30 litraa kohden. Uusi 3-4 viikon välein.

Säilytetään kuivassa.



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