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Chapeuzinho tulee Amazonista ja se tarjoaa luonnollisen piiloutumispaikan ravuille ja pienille kaloille. Chapeuzinho muistuttaa hieman tammenterhon kuorta. Vapauttaa veteen hyviä tanniineja.

Koko 5-10cm

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The Chapeuzinho pods are from the Amazon and serve as natural hiding places within the aquarium. The outside of the pods is rough, making the pods very suitable for covering with aquarium mosses and aquarium plants.

The Chapeuzinho pods release good substances (tannins and humic acids) into the aquarium water. The effects of these substances are comparable to those from catappa leaves. For example, these substances ensure that the pH is lowered in a natural way. In addition, these substances have an antibacterial and stress-reducing effect. The Chapeuzinho pods give the water a brown color and are therefore also suitable for creating a blackwater biotope.

Shrimp and other small animals like to hide in the Chapeuzinho pods. Because the Chapeuzinho pod is a natural product, its shape and dimensions may differ.


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