RO-Suodatin – Käänteisosmoosisuodatin 75GDP


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Kolmevaiheinen käänteisosmoosisuodatin.

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Simple aquarium osmosis equipped with two pre-filters (carbon and sendiment). A modern system by UST-M, which guarantees clean, soft water, free of nitrates and nitrites, chlorine and many other impurities.

All connections used in the filter are made on the original Organic quick couplers with additional protection with locking pins, thanks to which the probability of their disconnection is minimized. Linear inserts also have outputs adapted to work with quick couplers. When replacing the cartridges, it is not necessary to disassemble the connectors, but only to unplug them.

We supply the filter as a complete device, ready to be connected to the water system.

The complete filter consists of the following elements:
1. RO3 reverse osmosis filter
2. 75GPD osmotic membrane
3. Water connection
4. Flexible hose
5. Clamp for water outflow to the sewage system
6. User’s manual


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