Under Gravel Filter – Pohjasuodatin 30 x 72cm



Akvaarion pohjasuodatin.

Voidaan käyttää koko akvaarion pohjalla tai luomalla erillinen osio suodatinta varten.

Pohjalevyjen yhteiskoko 30 x 72 cm.

Yksi nousuputki, ilmaletkulla ja ilmastinkivellä.

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The under-gravel filter is an excellent tank filtration option. Provides biological and mechanical filtration through water circulation. In addition, it keeps the tank substrate perfectly clean and provides plants with constant access to the necessary macro and microelements.

Gravel filters use the substrate of the bottom of the aquarium as filter media. The filter sucks water from the tank which passes through the sand layer. During this process, both organic and inorganic contaminants are sucked into the plant's roots, helping to nourish them. The substrate is constantly cleaned of all impurities, such as fish droppings or plant residues.


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