UST-M sedimenttisuodatin 1/4 kierre



Sedimentti vaihtosuodatin UST-M käänteisosmoosilaitteeseen.

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Linear mechanical filter, made of polypropylene foam, which retains impurities such as sand, rust, silt and other sediments up to 10 microns.

The accuracy of filtration increases with the distance from the water inlet to the cartridge. Initially it is around 30 microns and finally 5 microns. This principle of filtration allows for even distribution of impurities along the entire length of the cartridge and extends its life.

The UST-M L-PS cartridge is used in built-in reverse osmosis filters, aquarium filters and in those filters that require the smallest achievable dimensions.

Connection standard typical for linear filters – 1/4 inch internal threads into which 1/4 inch hose connectors are screwed.


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